Listopad 2014

What Hides In The Darkness

25. listopadu 2014 v 2:43 | Leannka
What Hides In The Darkness

Perfection hides in the darkness.
The darkness is mystery.
There can be everything, there can be nothing.
But you don´t know.

Perfection hides around the corner.
But how you find the corner in the bubble of dark?

Blindness around us, darkness within.
Try to find it, don´t worry just try.
Do you look for success?
Oh you naive creature, hiding around the world.
Can´t find your way inside?

Too afraid of dark.
What hides there?
Just look, oh!
You don´t see.
But would it stop you?
Oh don´t slow down! Don´t fall! Oh...

Darkness is beautiful.
Darkness is prefect.
Who knows? Who see?
Can you see around the corner?
But there is no mirror, no light.
Nothing for your world.
You can´t see the real beauty with your eyes and don´t look into mirror.

In the darkness, there is beauty.
Blind and perfect.
Oh feel!

There is solitude in darkness,
and yet,
you don´t feel alone in the dark.
You do?
You don´t feel them???